Do dream hair need an infinite patience? Fortunately this is not the case. For a thickening, elongation or both we take about one hour thanks to Hairtalk and their innovative system of clinically tested adhesives. In this way the extensions are fixed flexibly, gently and durably to your hair, without causing tension and so absolutely imperceptible.

Hairtalk works only with natural hair Remy quality premium and are available strands of different length, width and color, even with colored roots and balayage.

Quick, easy…brilliant!

How long does it take to apply extensions?

For a total thickening job it takes about an hour.

Can I wash my hair at home?

With due care and specific products, hair can be easily washed at home independently.

Can I get extensions even if I have curly hair?

Extensions on natural curly hair can be applied on the condition that the entire hair is then styled with a straightener, iron or hairdryer, because extensions can be permed but the curl will never be the same as the natural one.

Can I comb my hair normally?

The hair can be combed without problems by paying attention to the hairlines where the adhesive is present.

Can I use a normal hairdryer or straightener?

You can use a hairdryer, straightener and iron using specific heat protection products

How long do they last?

Approximately every 3 months they must be removed and repositioned for the natural regrowth of the hair.
The same locks can be reused up to 3 times if treated with care and using the right products.

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