In case of hair loss but also simply to give more volume we can also thicken the upper area of the head. For this type of service we use Gtwo specialized companies that use two different methods, Hairtalk and hairdreams. Hairwear by Hairtalk is an ultra light and thin toupet that goes completely unnoticed. Its seamless workmanship makes the toupet imperceptible and does not generate the annoying sensation“”toupee, giving it an unprecedented lightness. The anchoring points are 10, using their exclusive stickers that are fixed to the hair of the customer.
The Microlinea system, instead, allows to integrate the hair present with the real hair of hairdreams, through the use of a microfiber network. With the help of the special Bondingrings, made of a special polymer, the microline is applied without attacking the hair of the customer and ensuring an excellent seal. Ideal also for special problems, such as areas affected by an incipient baldness, creating tailor-made solutions. There are also“mobile” solutions for absolutely natural and highly effective fashion applications.